RENTAL MANAGEMENT

       Allure Properties Group specializes in rental management and court ordered rent receivership, whether consent order, quit claim deed, or court order, with experience in managing over 100 units.  Should your community have owners that are in arrears and the unit is abandoned, APG, in conjunction with the community's attorney, will pursue these units to foreclosure, find tenants, and have the arrears balances paid down with the rent collected from these tenants.   Some of the services offered with rent receivership are as follow:

  • Start Up - Upon receipt of receivership APG will change the locks and do a physical walk thru of the unit.  Once management has given approval will issue work orders to contractors to ready the unit for rental.
  • Marketing - market vacancies on websites such as Craigslist, Zillow, and Trulia or with local realtors for showing of Unit.
  • Tenant Reviews - every tenant will complete a tenant review to be submitted to management.  Tenant reviews include a credit check, a background search including a  criminal and eviction search.
  • Lease Signing - once a tenant is selected a New jersey Standards Residential lease will be filled out and signed by the tenant and management.
  • Bank Accounts - A security deposit will be collected and put into an individual interest bearing savings account.  Upon receipt of the first months rent an individual checking account will be set up.
  • Walk-Thru - Complete walk thru with new tenant before they move in.
  • Work Orders/Service Calls - issue necessary work orders for tenant repair services following up with contractors.

  • Statements - send statements to any tenants in arrears, file eviction papers when necessary, and attend court appearances.
  • Website - all tenants will have access to a Community website with access to placing work orders, viewing account balances, making online payments and seeing the latest news on the Community.